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There may be a time in our lives when we will need money, but we will only hear refusals from banks or loan companies. This may be primarily due to low creditworthiness or a negative credit history.

In this case, it is not worth giving up immediately, because there are alternatives that will allow us to get the amount we need. Such an alternative is, for example, a home loan or a home loan . What are the differences between them and what are they about? Who can these be cost-effective solutions for?

Home loan – what exactly is it?

Home loan - what exactly is it?

The phrase “against the collateral” can be associated mainly with pawnshops and such shrines, not banks and loan companies. Quite rightly, since the terms ‘mortgage’ and ‘mortgage’ are usually formally used, and not ‘ home loan ‘ or ‘ home loan ‘. Either way, it is about banking products that are secured by a mortgage.

Everyone has probably heard about the mortgage, even those who have not yet dealt with loans and banking products. Such loans are already being repaid by a huge number of Poles, and new loans are drawn every year. They enjoy such enormous popularity because for most young people they are the only way to own their own home or apartment

The mortgage loan usually amounts to a very high amount, often counted in hundreds of thousands of USD. Therefore, it is easy to guess that such a loan is quite expensive, even though the collateral is a mortgage. You can take it for several to several dozen years. The maximum mortgage can be spread over 35 years, but the upper age limits of the borrower are also applied at the time of paying the last installment. Thus, for example, a 60-year-old 35-year mortgage will simply not receive.

The less certain a bank can be that the liability

Will be repaid on time, the worse the conditions it will offer. This will serve simply to minimize the risk that it will be lossy when granting the loan. It is hard to find a better and more secure security than a mortgage. In the event of default, it gives the opportunity to take over the property and sell it. Therefore, banks may offer relatively low mortgage rates. They know that in the event that they will not lose a lot as a result of such a decision. On the other hand, the bank’s real estate is usually sold below market price. Therefore, in the event of temporary difficulties with repayment of the loan, banks are willing to make concessions.

The mortgage is granted for a specific purpose – the purchase or construction of a house or apartment (or other real estate). As a last resort, you can also take out a mortgage for renovation, although this is not recommended. The borrower is accounted by the bank for how it spent the funds transferred to it. The whole process also involves many formalities and additional costs. For example, you can’t do a professional quote for a house or flat. This will involve not only incurring a considerable fee, but also longer waiting times.

Loan against housing – how does it work?

Loan against housing - how does it work?

We already know what a home loan is, or rather a mortgage. In that case, what is a loan against a flat ? Her name could suggest that it can only be obtained from a loan company. Nothing could be more wrong – most banks also grant mortgage loans.

However, when taking this type of loan from a bank, we must prepare for a number of formalities, just like in the case of a mortgage. The whole process will not be very fast. For example, we will not ignore the aforementioned property valuation.

The process of granting mortgage loans in loan companies is much more friendly for clients. It can even do without an income certificate, let alone a real estate appraisal.

These are loans that stand out above all in the way they are secured. Of course, it is also a mortgage, as in the case of a mortgage. Making an appropriate entry in the land and mortgage register of a real estate entitles our creditor to take it over in the event of non-payment of the obligation.

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