Payday loan debt consolidation programs

Credit or loan against real estate – how does it work? – Professional Loan and Online Payday Loan consolidation

There may be a time in our lives when we will need money, but we will only hear refusals from banks or loan companies. This may be primarily due to low creditworthiness or a negative credit history. In this case, it is not worth giving up immediately, because there are alternatives that will allow us […]

Loans & Debts – this is how it works, so your finances are affected.

What is wealth? First, let’s see how to define “wealth”. Even if you are not rich, you always have a certain wealth, and that is something we must keep in mind when we talk about loans and debts. Definition: Assets = Assets – Liabilities If you count everything you own and subtract from everything you […]

Interest free loan without pledge, free credit processing

But is this really the case : this answer is not always known to the ordinary borrower, who is already accustomed to paying mandatory commissions for using credit. Of all these offers, patches such as “interest-free credit” stand out. As it turned out, this banking product is truly real and can be obtained by almost […]

Loan and Credit factoring

Loan and Credit is a factoring company with an established position in the sector regarding current financing. Established in Bydgoszcz, however, its area of ​​activity covers the entire country. The factoring services provided include both the online environment and advanced new technologies, including the innovative Loan and Credit Platform. This platform is a fully functional […]

Who is the creditor of the loan to the debtor?

According to the law, the creditor of the loan has a number of rights to recover benefits which he temporarily entrusted to the property of another person. If the person defaults on the repayment terms, the lender automatically becomes a creditor towards the person in debt. Therefore, he has the right to take a number […]

Loans in currencies less and less profitable

For many years, a loan in a foreign currency was associated with a low installment, much more favorable than in the case of a liability in our native currency. Currently, due to NBP interest rate cuts, the installment of the zloty loan has been falling and is sometimes much lower than the loan in Swiss […]