Month: October 2019

Interest free loan without pledge, free credit processing

But is this really the case : this answer is not always known to the ordinary borrower, who is already accustomed to paying mandatory commissions for using credit. Of all these offers, patches such as “interest-free credit” stand out. As it turned out, this banking product is truly real and can be obtained by almost […]

Loan and Credit factoring

Loan and Credit is a factoring company with an established position in the sector regarding current financing. Established in Bydgoszcz, however, its area of ​​activity covers the entire country. The factoring services provided include both the online environment and advanced new technologies, including the innovative Loan and Credit Platform. This platform is a fully functional […]

Who is the creditor of the loan to the debtor?

According to the law, the creditor of the loan has a number of rights to recover benefits which he temporarily entrusted to the property of another person. If the person defaults on the repayment terms, the lender automatically becomes a creditor towards the person in debt. Therefore, he has the right to take a number […]